smartR technology
and techniques

The technology behind alertR

A dynamic duo alert platform

Comprising the decidR and delivR engines, these two systems work in tandem to understand, analyze and predict when, where, to whom and how alerts are required based on behavioral intelligence insights.

• decidR engine: Deciding if a person is in a state of distress or needs help.
• delivR engine: Forming an effective message, and conveying it by the most efficient communication method.

The smarter alerting system

alertR functionality

Determines the “risk level” of the individual for a point in time, to decide if intervention is required

Support/emergency networks


  • Automates the process of adding people to your list of emergency contacts.
  • Predicts when emergency contacts are likely to be online / available for support.
  • Automatically updates contact information when a prior contact is identified as disconnected. For instance, a contact who has changed phone number.
  • Ability to identify good Samaritans in the community and add these good Samaritans as contacts to relevant users.
  • Finds similar people the person doesn’t know, but are also using the App. These become another group alertR reaches out to in the case of an alert.
  • Builds an invisible support network for the user. These are people who can help that they might not know, but the alertR engine decided would be a good fit.

Concisely relays important information, personalized to the individual recipient. Depending upon the person in the chain being contacted, the delivR engine decides what they need to know for them to be able to respond appropriately. For example, full location information, medical history, measurements of bodily internals, psychological / emotional status, etc.

The delivR engine can also determine the appropriate language for the message, depending on the identified communications between the individual and selected contact. Further, it personalizes and identifies the appropriate device, and notification style for this device (push notification, phone call, in app notification) to suit the needs of the situation.

Secure connection to an emergency door lock opening system initiated by alertR for responder access when required.


alertR interconnects individuals with numerous platforms, including phones, sensors, IoT devices – smart home devices, car navigation systems, smart doorbells, and speaker systems, to name a few, social media, messaging platforms, community groups, geolocation tools, and personal connections, using AI and applications such as ML, deep learning, along with embedded devices.

AI techniques

The alertR platform uses AI in every module to make decisions for better alerts:
• Evidence based models for who to contact and what to say.
• Bespoke and user definable decidR models for when to issue an alert.
• Models that can learn as more customers use the app.

smartR tools and IP

To solve complex real-world problems and optimize decision-making smartR AI uses its intelligence-based proprietary engines, alertR and SERLE. These engines ensure optimal efficiency and performance, improve quality, and reduce human error using AI and applications such as machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, along with embedded devices.

They learn faster, leverage existing and historical knowledge, provide data efficiency, and allow for connectivity, to name just a few of their attributes. Built to connect individuals to numerous platforms, including phones, sensors, the IoT, social media, messaging platforms, community groups, geolocation tools, and personal contacts and connections.

At smartR AI, we invent tomorrow’s products today by breaking free from pre-programmed rules.

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