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We value humans above all else. Using AI algorithms, alertR gets to know your users by focusing on their behavior. By connecting to relevant smart devices, sensors, online applications, as well as geolocation apps data specific to the user is collected. Using AI and ML applications, the engine identifies and analyzes unique user behaviors, traits, and habits and can determine those that deviate from the individual’s norm. It uses the behavioral data to anticipate outcomes and warn users of potentially dangerous conditions or behaviors through issued alerts.
Protecting vulnerable individuals and connecting them with the right people in the right way at the right time; the alertR engine promptly, accurately and appropriately sends customized preventive and emergency alerts to the right people in the community, including local good Samaritans and emergency services when needed.

Why alertR?

alertR™ is a positive opportunity cost; its specialized alerting experience is developed to integrate into your existing product ecosystem, and integrates with other smart systems / devices adding further value to your offering. The alertR engine ensures interconnectivity and interoperability to optimize efficiency and performance.

Its specialized alerting experience is developed to integrate into your existing product ecosystem, adding further value to your offering.

  • Determines the “risk level” to decide if intervention is required
  • Connecting, building and maintaining support / emergency networks
  • Constantly analyses information for the protection of the user
  • Concisely relays vital information, personalized for the recipient
  • Determines the appropriate language for the message
  • Integrates with other smart systems / devices
  • High level of alerting accuracy
  • By using behavioral intelligence alertR adds to the value for the user

Safer, better, together

Community is a crucial factor to ensure support for the user at the right moment. alertR connects with close contacts, especially those able to assist at a moment’s notice.

Due to the sensitivity of this data, high security and privacy levels are mandatory. Data collected is never shared with a third party, nor used against a client or the user, following all ethical and legal responsibilities. alertR uses client’s data, transforms anonymous data points for machine learning, and is adaptable to various data requirements.

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